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University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

Agri-Industry Modeling and Analysis Group




AIM-AG was established in 1998 as part of the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics, Agricultural Experiment Station. The mission of AIM-AG is to assess and project the impacts of agri-industry development on the Tennessee economy and to analyze market opportunities for economically efficient agri-industry development within the state.

AIM-AG ...

  • Evaluates the impacts the agricultural and forest products industry has on the state's economy and the economics of regions within the state using TN-AIM (Tennessee Agri-Industry Model), an economic modeling system;
  • Conducts "what-if" scenarios designed to evaluate the impacts that occur from development of selected value-added industries in the state and regions within the state;
  • Conducts research studies on market growth opportunities for value-added or high-value agri-industry products;
  • Analyzes market potential and feasibility for value-added or high-value products produced or processed within the state and;
  • Provides market information and prospectus studies to aid industrial recruitment and development.

Clientele ...

  • Agribusiness decision-makers
  • Producer and processor organizations
  • Economic and community development leaders
  • Policy makers
  • Local, county, and state governments

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