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Economic Impacts

Overview of Tennessee Agriculture

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Agriculture Contributes $52.6 Billion to Tennessee's Economy Annually

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Agriculture and Forestry Contribute $74.8 Billion to Tennessee's Economy Annually

Tennessee agriculture includes farming and related industries, as well as value-added food and fiber production, processing and manufacturing. Agriculture accounts for 9.0 percent of the state’s economy and generates $52.6 billion in output. Agriculture employs close to 254,000 Tennesseans, with over 109,000 (both full- and part-time) in agriculture production. In 2013, Tennessee had approximately 68,000 farms covering 10.9 million acres.  Approximately 64.8 percent of the farms had sales in the $1,000 to $9,999 sales category, 29.0 percent of the farms had sales in the $10,000 to $99,999 sales category, and 6.2 percent of the farms had sales of $100,000 and over (Tennessee Department of Agriculture, 2014). Average farm size in the state was 160 acres. Listed below is an overview of Tennessee’s top agricultural commodities. Most values are for 2013.
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Tennessee Agriculture 2013, Department Report & Statistical Summary
Census of Horticultural Specialties (2014)
USDA/ERS Cash Receipts
USDA/NASS Poultry Production Value 2013 Summary - April 2014