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University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

Agri-Industry Modeling and Analysis Group



Market and Feasibility Studies

Bio Energy

  1. Potential for LItter Use in Renewable Energy Systems by Tennessee Poultry Operations
  2. Kim Jensen, Ernie Bazen, Burton English, Roland Roberts, and Jamey Menard January 2009

  3. U.S. and Tennessee Biodiesel Production - 2007 Industry Update
    Kim Jensen, Jamey Menard, and Burton English August 2007

  4. Economic Implications to the Agricultural Sector of Increasing the Production of Biomass Feedstocks to Meet Biopower, Biofuels, and Bioproduct Demands
    Daniel G. De La Torre Ugarte, Burton C. English, Chad M. Hellwinckel, R. Jamey Menard, and Marie E. Walsh January 2007

  5. Tennessee Residential Electricity Consumers’ Views on Electricity from Bioenergy and Other Renewable Sources

    Web Page with report
    Full Report

  6. Tennessee Soybean Producers' Views on Biodiesel Marketing
    Kim Jensen, Burton English, and Jamey Menard April 2003

  7. Economic Feasibility of Producing Biodiesel In Tennessee
    Burton English, Kim Jensen, and Jamey Menard in cooperation with Frazier, Barnes and Associates, Llc. December 2002

Farm Sector


  1. Farm Sector Indicators Industry Brief - The Input-Output Price Squeeze of Farming...

Forestry and Forest Products


  1. Growth in the Value-Added Wood Products Industry: An Economic Feasibility Study for the Clinch-Powell Enterprise Community Counties
    Jamey Menard, Kim Jensen, Burt English, and Alan Barefield. September 2000

  2. Economic Viability of Using Hardwood Residue Chips as a Heating Source for Nursery/Greenhouse Operations in Tennessee
    Kim Jensen, Jamey Menard, Burton English, and William Park. Department of Agricultural Economics Research Paper April 2001

  3. Willingness to Pay for Environmentally Certified Hardwood Products by Tennessee Consumers
    Kim Jensen, Paul Jakus, Burton English, and Jamey Menard. February 2002.

  4. Environmentally Certified Hardwood Products:A Study of Consumers' Perception and Willingness to Pay
    Kim Jensen, Paul Jakus, Burton English, and Jamey Menard February 2002

Food and Beverage Industry


  1. A Preliminary Analysis of Internet Use for Direct Marketing by the Tennessee Food and Beverages Industry
    Arguelles, G., Collins, R., Dadakas, D., Perkind, B., Taylor, H., and Jensen, K. SP98-02.



  1. Tennessee Farm-Based Retail Meat Permit Holders Survey Analysis
  2. Kim Jensen, Jamey Menard, Robert Holland and Susan Schnexayder
    July 2017

  3. Consumer Preferences for Tennessee Beef
  4. Kim Jensen, Megan Bruch, Leah Dobbs, and Jamey Menard
    May 2014

  5. A Snapshot of Tennessee
    Agritourism: 2013
  6. Kim Jensen, Megan Bruch, Jamey Menard, and Burt English
    June 2013

  7. Current Impacts and Future Directions for the Tennessee
    Agricultural Enhancement Program
  8. Kim Jensen, Burt English, and Jamey Menard
    November 2011

  9. Distance Education in Agricultural Economics
  10. Kim Jensen and Burt English
    January 2007

  11. Visitors to Tennessee Agri-Tourism Attractions
    Demographics, Preferences, Expenditures, and Projected Economic Impacts

    Kim Jensen, Chris Lindorg, Burton English, and Jamey Menard
    May 2006

  12. Economic Impacts from Visitor Expenditures at Tennessee Non-Winery Agritourism Attractions, 2005

  13. Agri-tourism in Tennessee: Current Status and Future Growth, 2003-2004
    Kim Jensen, Gena Dawson, Megan Bruch, Jamey Menard, and Burton English
    July 2005

  14. A Study of Evaluation Methods Used by State/Province Departments of Agriculture for Measuring Effectiveness of Marketing/Promotion Programs
  15. Jensen,K., and Pompelli, G. SP98-07.

  16. Export Handbook for Tennessee Agribusiness
    Jensen, K., Arguelles, G., and Williams, B. SP98-05

Market & Feasibility Studies






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