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University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

Agri-Industry Modeling and Analysis Group



Research Activities

Evaluate economic impacts of agri-industry development:

  • Impact analysis of changes in agricultural production and technologies
  • Impact of value-added industries development
  • Natural resource limitations on development
  • Implications of development on the environment

Methods of Analysis:

Sectoral impacts modeling with the Tennessee Agri-Industry Impacts Model (TN-AIM).

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Assess market opportunities for agri-industry development through:

  • Expansion of markets for the existing agribusiness segments, both domestic and international
  • Increased marketing efficiency
  • Expansion into new agribusiness segments

Methods of Analysis:

  • Market potential studies
  • Market feasibility studies for new agribusiness ventures
  • Demand analysis
  • Buyer and consumer preferences studies
  • Market segmentation analysis and buyer profiling
  • New product acceptance and potential
  • Analysis of marketing alternatives
  • Valuation of product attributes


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