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The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

Agri-Industry Modeling and Analysis Group




AIM-AG personnel represent over 60 years of combined research and industry experience. The personnel in AIM-AG have conducted research projects representing in excess of $8 million. Prior project experience has included working closely with industry organizations, government agencies, and consulting firms to produce research to meet the needs of client organizations. Backgrounds of the researchers include training in agricultural economics, agribusiness, and forestry.

Image of Dr. Burt English


Image of Dr. Kim Jensen


Image of Jamey Menard

Dr. Burt English
Ph.D. Iowa State, 1981
Production economics, quantitative methods, regional and resource economics, research methodology, agricultural policy



Dr. Kim Jensen
Ph.D Oklahoma State
1986. Market analysis of high value and value-added agricultural products, international marketing, agribusiness



Jamey Menard
M.S. University of Tennessee
Economic Modeling, Regional Economic Impacts of Agricultural and Forest Products Industries, Market Potential/Feasibility of Value-Added or High-Valued Products, Bioenergy and Alternative Energy Uses Economics